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Tattoo Vinyasa



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It's time to start treating it like one!   


A rite of passage is to go through an experience that transforms who you are now, into who you will become.  A symbolic death and rebirth.


The practice of tattooing remains one of the most ancient and primal rites of passage that can be found across the world...

...But you will only experience a fraction of what is really possible if you stay stuck with the current surface-level relationship and approach. 

Tattoo Vinyasa was created to shift the paradigm and elevate the tattoo experience by introducing practical processes from wisdom traditions that evolve your perspective.  

What Is Tattoo Vinyasa?

Tattoo Vinyasa is about you....

Several decades in the making, Tattoo Vinyasa is a continually evolving practice that combines ancient craft, insightful perspectives and holistic application. 

It is a deep-dive into personal sovereignty mentorship, interwoven with the craft of tattooing in an immersive course that is designed to transform your perspective and relationship with inner and outer life - drawing them together in an alchemical and visual bond, that goes far beyond skin-deep.  

To guide you on this journey, Jon Osiris draws from a deep well of transformational experience.


His background in tattooing, yogic and tantric studies, mysticism, shamanism, ritual, ceremony, symbolism, mythology, visual and martial art make this training a powerful and deeply rewarding experience.

Client Transformations

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Osiris with client
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Osiris Benaras Seva
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From Jon Osiris

I have found that tattooing is something that has aided my self-cultivation and awakening process, and a great number of my clients as well.  I remain truly grateful to those who choose work with me.

As it is with ALL things, you get out what you put into any experience, both literally and figuratively.  Choose your markings wisely and wear them with honor. Whether large or small, simple or detailed; may they aide in your path of discovery and personal transformation!

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What Clients Say

"It’s not just a tattoo session; it’s an experience steeped in both spirituality and friendship."

- Richie

"I would like to offer up deep gratitude for what you've given me. Your healing energy was exactly what I needed with this work on my chest."

- Sylvie

"What Jon gives me is a portal; a sense of sanity. A path, the path, my Path.  Forming a stronger connection to my internal connection."

- Doug

"The biggest impact my fist Tattoo Vinyasa course had on me is how I handle my anxiety, which has plagued me for a long time.  The breathwork and self-reflection techniques Jon taught gave me new ways to handle my anxiety and I am happy to report that these positive changes have rippled out to many areas of my life, drastically improving my self-confidence and decision making. 

The healing power of tattooing has always been very real for me and the way in which Tattoo Vinyasa links the mind and body together in connection with the tattoo process is powerful and should be considered by anyone looking for true answers.

I wish it was longer, and I will be attending

more in the future"



"It wasn't until I worked with Jon Osiris that I realized tattooing could be much more than simple body ornamentation.  Having been traumatized by previous artists and super picky about art, I was a bit nervous and not sure how it would all turn out, but he delivered beyond expectations on every level. 

I quickly leaned that Jon viewed tattooing as a holistic experience - a type of existential body-mind transformtion.  The process felt new and refreshing, and it left me feeling whole.  

His care for his clients and talent for creating a truly symbiotic piece is amazing and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an elevated tattoo experience."


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