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Luna had very clear concepts and associations already worked out for her full leg project when we consulted.   Impressive, especially that it was to be her very first piece.  

The cardinal directions were to be represented as well as up, down and an inner core were all to be a different mandala design, cascading down her leg.  

Cosmic space and stars seemed to be the obvious tie-together elements from my drawing board and soon it all began to take shape on her body.  


 A total of 8 ritual sessions brought out the details of each direction, and she relied on me for discerning what numerical symmetry was appropriate to each direction.  Every session was its own little ritual piece of the overall ceremony and we observed consistent purification and breathwork practices throughout.    

The sessions went by so quickly and now she can be seen wearing her talisman of telemetry as she winds her way through the wilds of the Pacific Northwest - Bravo Luna!


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