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An ardent student of art, anthropology and craft, Jon Osiris began studying tattooing in 1996 after being tattooed in '95.  In 1998 he began the process of getting a full body-suit tattoo from the man who would become his close friend, brother and mentor in tattooing; Collin Delgado. 


Between 1999 and 2007 Osiris worked as a professional jeweler and metalsmith, something he still enjoys and employs today, albeit on a commission basis.  He began tattooing professionally in 2007.


During that same time, he was initated into an Order of Tantrik practitioners and over the last 20 years has become a qualified guide and caretaker within that spritual community, as well as a helper and facilitator in and around many other types of ritual, ceremony and rites of passage.  He primarily utilizes techniques of mantra, yantra and mediation by which one may attain clarity and equanimity as well as harness latent abilities in order to better work with the subtle and not-so-subtle elements and energies of life.  


For the past 25 years, Osiris has been refining and evolving his unique approach to tattooing and continuing to study with many great colleagues, teachers, gurus and adepts in several different disciplines.


Over the past 7 years he has answered the call to take a stronger leadership role and assist others in claiming their power and place by actively supporting the growth of his clan and clientele through mentorship and coaching.


Focusing on Personal Sovereigty and empowerment, Jon is happy to share his grounded energy and insighful nature with individuals and groups in retreat settings, workshops, immersive experiences, private containers and on the tattoo table. 

Osiris is also the founder of The Sacred Serpent LLC.  Through this brand he disseminates his creative skill and passion for artistic expression in textiles, clothing, jewelry, and tools for ritual & ceremony. He has traveled and tattooed in many amazing places and has been a frequent guest in prestigious shops and studios worldwide.

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