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An ardent student of art, anthropology and craft, Jon Osiris began studying tattooing in 1996 after being tattooed in '95.  In 1998 he began the journey of getting a full body-suit tattoo from the man who would become his close friend, brother and mentor in tattooing; Collin Delgado. 


Between 1999 and 2006 Osiris worked as a professional bench jeweler and metalsmith,  and contiues to this day, taking on a few select custom pieces each year.  See some of his recent metalwork here.


Jon officially entered into the craft as an apprentice around 2005 and began tattooing professionally in 2007.  After working in several shops in the Seattle area over the next 5 years, the itch to travel grew strong and he began traveling and tattooing throughout the US and abroad from 2012-2018.


Prior to starting his tattoo apprenticeship , he was also initated into the spiritual lineage of the International Nath Order and over the last 20 years has become a leading guide and caretaker within that spiritual community, as well as a helper and facilitator in and around many other types of ritual, ceremony and rites of passage. 


For the past 25 years, Osiris has been refining and evolving his unique approach to the medium of tattoo.


His insight into the complex and often shadowy processes of the human condition as it confronts and processes pain, trauma, presence, discipline and subsequently, empowerment is deeply valued by his clientele in any facet of his work.  

Osiris is also the founder of The Sacred Serpent LLC.  Through this brand he disseminates his creative skill and passion for artistic expression in textiles, clothing, jewelry, and tools for ritual & ceremony. He has traveled extensively throughout the USA, Asia, Europe and Central America, and tattooed in guest in many prestigious shops and studios worldwide.

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