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Beau connected with me through some clients I met while traveling and presenting a Tattoo Vinyasa workshop.  Asking me to create designs for each of the main Chakras, we began with the solar fiery one on his solar plexus.   Over the next few years, he visited and we continued to work together.  

Beau was quick to apply the principles of Tattoo Vinyasa to his Dermal Darshan sessions and we always begin by clearing our shared space and set intentions for what we will do that day.  The Anahata or "Heart" Chakra came next, followed by the lower abdominal or sacral Chakra.  (Chakra means wheel, disc, whirlpool or realm)  The process takes what it takes and there is no hurrying… only awareness of the present moment.  When the main chakra yantras (Yantra is a tantrik tool, mystic diagram, or machine) are done, we plan to fill the rest of the torso around them in the future.  

Most recently Beau decided he was ready to activate his "Crown" Chakra, the Sahasrara - thousand petaled lotus.  In the center of the mandala shape there is the OM syllable, which in Sanskrit is the vibration of the universe itself.  These syllables are in each of the Yantra and are activated by mantra recitation and the transmission of Shakti energy through me into the tattoo during the rite.  

I have been deeply honored to work with Beau and others like him in this manner.  Om Shiva Shakti Shanti! 


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