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When Aaron came to me he was interested in a full sleeve.   His trust in my process and vision allowed me to bring together a multi-layered project with a lot of depth and negative space.  Animal totems, nordic inspired knotwork, mandalas and underlying pattern work were used to craft this sleeve into something like body armor.  Powerful and totemic, with a lot of contrast and subtlety.  

He completed the first sleeve in short order and promptly began the second. His perseverance and willpower were effective in making the workflow easy for me and we completed the second sleeve to be complementary to first.  Raven symbolism, vegvisr (Icelandic compass) to guide him along his path, and the lower arm was wound round with Yggdrasil the world tree.   This tree is the Axis Mundi or the central pillar of the nordic mysteries.  I wove it through 2 tattoos already existing and again layered the background with pattern-work to complete the armored balance.

Not ready to stop yet, he commissioned me for a chest piece next.   This went from a smaller idea with a wolf and mandala for just the pecs, to a larger full scale torso.   Again he impressed me with being open to my vision of going BOLD and I really got to manifest this project to the fullest!  

Altogether about 3 years of work on this amazing client.  This is what can happen if you bring me a basic idea and let me go Full-Power with my vision and skill! 


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