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This story is one for the books and it will quite likely become published on its own one day in much greater detail.  

Lisa was referred to me by a mutual friend and client.  She told me exactly what imagery she wanted to work into her back piece and said little else.   This was to be her first tattoo!   Going this big, especially on the first ever tattoo is an amazing leap of faith and would turn out to be the beginning of an incredible journey.  I applaud all who undertake such things!

Our work began as every piece does, translating my drawing into outlines on the body, mapping out the main design.  As with most clients with whom I feel are receptive to more subtle vibrations and levels of experience and led by the spirit of the moment, I transmitted a wave of Shakti through my work and into certain activation points (bindu) in the tattoo.  

When Lisa returned for her second session she seemed different and though a bit tongue-tied about what had happened, had some questions for me about the previous session's experience.  She also shared some deeper layers about the intention behind her tattoo.  I shared and asked her questions in return as we worked throughout the next several sessions. It became clear that she had borne witness to the transmission of Shakti and was connecting deeply with it -  trying hard to understand what had happened and was indeed, still happening.  

The fantasic journey continued on through the completion of her back piece, which was finished with a very special activation ceremony, essentially closing the experience - and opening the potential of a new one.

I have had the honor and pleasure of coaching and guiding Lisa through this experience and well beyond - into the development of her own spiritual awareness and unfoldment.  Her tattoo experience catalyzed her transformation and it has been truly awesome to hold sacred space for her contiuing exploration into new realms of being.  


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