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HAPPY WINTER!  Is it Dark and Cold yet? 

I hope this message finds you well, whatever weather you may be having and you have chosen a relaxed moment to read this.  And... if you already read through this as an email, THANK YOU!  

Alright lets dig in..

Those of you who came to see me at Artcore Tattoo in Georgetown to get tattooed have likely heard, that we closed the shop down at the end of 2021 and I moved back to a private setting only. 

Travel, Exploration and Return... Anew.

I did mangage to do some traveling for work this past year (2022-23) and explored the middle country a bit more for several reasons, which gave way to some really great connections with new clients and some awesome tattoo projects!   

I even attended the Tulsa Tattoo convention, doing some tattooing and taking home a first place trophy for Best Chest Piece Tattoo on longtime client Doug R!  (Pic below)

The photo above is also from that event - We started on his neck at that show... what an amazing maniac!   I had fun with it and am super proud of what we have accomplished on his bodysuit journey so far.  Thank you, Doug, and each and every one of you that have gotten tattooed!

After closing that chapter of exploration this past summer, I have refocused my work in Seattle. While still a bit dark and cold for my taste a majority of the year, I have found it still feels like home.  Truthfully, I have many of you to thank for that sentiment, as it is your presence and loyalty as great clients that has drawn me back OVERALL!


With 2 moves under my belt this summer and resettling on the Northside, I can dive deeper into intentional work with large scale projects (for YOU) and completing Volume 1 of my Tattoo Vinyasa book for publication. (more on that in a minute) 


I couldn't wait, so here it is...

The above news about supporting apprentices and some coming changes at the studio building I have cultivated the past many years has got me thinkin'...

 My love and appreciation for this craft is nearest to a "calling", and to give something of value to the future of the clients, craft and craftspeople that will lean into such a vision

I am currently searching for a new studio space in the Greater Seattle Area in 2024!  

While adding more people to the mix is challenging to manage, my main focus is still on YOU - the client.  I will be making announcements on all the channels as things proceed. It will take some time and care to find the right space for us to grow into where we can keep the private considerations as well as the more public ones..  so stay tuned!

If you would like to contribute to this new space and vision that many are sure to enjoy - please continue to get tattooed, and refer people to me.  Word of mouth is still the best advertising and I appreciate it greatly.   

Also I have started posting on the @tattoovinyasa Instagram account and will eventually be shifitng the old account to more personal use.  Please follow me there and share and comment etc.   It will help as I am essentially starting over with it...   

Also, you never know...  I may just get a wild hair and start posting more video content...  ?  

Circling back to other projects, and Updates 


Publication Feature  - Northern Black’s Nordic Tattoo Book.   Vol 1 and 2.

I was asked to again submit my work in this series ( Volume 1 came out last year) as one of many contributing artists doing work in the Nordic Style.   While most of you know that this is only one of several styles I enjoy working in, I do appreciate the recognition. 

If you would like to purchase a volume for yourself, please copy and paste the url below.

And Finally -  Info on Tattoo Vinyasa: THE BOOK and THE PROGRAM

I hosted a photo shoot this summer to get some good pictures of clients and their healed work.  Some of these will show up in the book project I mentioned prior.   

Also, I have temporarily put All Tattoo Vinyasa Programs ON HOLD until it's finished.  Since there is so much to share in these books, I feel that it is right to get this out in the world and accessible before any more groups run through this transformative series.

Though I am not yet ready to announce the release date, I wanted to tell you that I am working through the final drafts and checklists in order to publish Tattoo Vinyasa parts ONE and TWO

The plan is for PART 1 to showcase some of you; my fantastic clients, your stories and transformations, along with some insider information about evolving the tattoo experience that I have learned over the last 30 or so years of involvement with this craft and magical medium..

…  which leads to PART 2, which is more of a Guide or Users Manual for anyone wanting to further their approach in elevating their experience when getting tattooed.  Containing information on intention, process, mindset, working through and processing trauma, how to get through the most painful sessions and areas of the body you’ve ever had, and much more. 

Part 3 will come forth eventually, which is still only in its formative and conceptual stages.  It will largely be a compendium of images that will be free for use in any way you like - tattoos or other crafts etc.   

Holy Crap are you Still Here?

Awesome ;)

If so, Thank you so much for reading!  well, I think that’s more than enough for now..   I want to thank you for your continued support and offer you a 20% discount on any merchandise available through my web shop with the code WINTER23 .    I will be releasing some new designs for winter, just after the New Year, so do check into things over there.

I look forward to hearing back and working with you soon!

Warm Regards,

Jon Osiris

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