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  • What Exactly Is Tattoo Vinyasa?
    Tattoo: from Tahitian/Tongan/Samoan - Ta-Tau. An indelible marking made by inserting ink into punctures in the skin. Vinyasa: from Sanskrit. An arrangement, composition or configuration. Tattoo Vinyasa is a 5 week immersive mentorship course that front-loads powerful personal work prior to getting tattooed. This is a massive level-up of the tattoo experience and you will not view getting tattooed the same way again!
  • Is Tattoo Vinyasa A Remote Program?
    Yes, Tattoo Vinyasa is a completely remote program. It is delivered via video conferencing/messaging apps and email.
  • Is Tattoo Vinyasa For Me?
    If you are ready to learn new practices, processes and perspectives to take your next tattoo experience to the highest level possible, then this program is for you! It is a process that can include and is certainly not limited to: shifting awareness around triggers, moving out of ruts, getting clarity on purpose, and dissolving anxiety, fear and doubt. While Osiris will walk along side and assist you in this immersion, it is essential that YOU show up as the one doing the work.
  • Do I Get Tattooed During The Tattoo Vinyasa Coursework?
    No, you will have an opportunity to set up your tattoo appointments after you enroll in your Tattoo Vinyasa container. You complete the 5 week training first, and then you may get tattooed. The process is very likely to change certain aspects of your current tattoo concept or perhaps transform it altogether. For that reason, the actual tattoo application comes after. In this program we are working through 5 weeks of transformative material to get crystal clear on what symbolism, story and energy you are bringing to this next piece and align it with your true nature!
  • Am I Required To Get Tattooed At The End Of The Course?
    There is no requirement to get tattooed, although it is highly recommended that you take this opportunity to carry this process into practice and follow through on your vision. It is up to you to claim all that is possible by working in this way!
  • Will I Be Going Through This Process By Myself?
    Tattoo Vinyasa courses are composed of small groups of 3-7 people. You will be lead and supported by Jon Osiris every step of the way. You will also be supportive to others AND be supported by others taking the course along with you. This structure encourages interaction, community building and partnership throughout.
  • I Am A Tattooer, Can I Take A Tattoo Vinyasa Course?
    Most definitely. Jon Osiris has a very special program for Tattooers who are seeking to become more intentional and purposefully integrated with their work. The Tattoo Vinyasa course for Tattooers is an expanded 10 week series that goes into every aspect of the process from all of the behind the scenes preparation to how to care for your clients with new insights and tools.
  • How Do I Sign Up For A Tattoo Vinyasa Course?
    Submit an Application form! Go to the booking tab in the menu or click Tattoo Vinyasa at the bottom of any page to fill out the form. You will then be contacted to confirm your private call with Jon Osiris to discuss all the details.
  • When Do We Start?
    The next container begins soon! When you complete enrollment will dictate which program you will be participating in. The sooner you submit your form, the sooner you'll find out!
  • What If I Just Want A Tattoo?
    Tattoo Vinyasa is a very potent program designed to propel participants into a new relationship with oneself. When you change, so does your relationship to everything else. This program is challenging to limiting beliefs and so not everyone will "feel ready" to take their tattoo experience to the highest level... yet! The SECRET is that there is no "perfect timing" and waiting to"feel ready" is wasting time. If you want change, just start climbing! Regardless, you may still be able to get an amazing tattoo from Jon Osiris. Scroll down and click on the Tattoo Consult tab now to fill out the form! *See also the "General Tattoo" FAQ


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